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Digital health transformation
done right

Looking for your co-pilot in digital health? In need of change management in your healthcare organisation? Or do you want guidance in developing a digital strategy?

Well, that’s a coincidence! We at Healthonauts aim to guide your organisation towards better care by employing the latest technologies and innovations in digital health.

So look no further and get to know Healthonauts, your partner of choice for digital transformation in healthcare!
As experts in digital transformation, our highly-skilled and experienced implementation team covers every aspect of digital health implementation, from change management over training to go-live support (and so much more).

We strongly believe in the power of technology and digital innovations to achieve benefits whilst maintaining safe patient care.

How we care for better healthcare


Healthonauts is your co-pilot in an end-to-end digital transformation. In order to make that happen, we have several areas of expertise at our disposal.
Discover our areas of expertise below!


Our team operates within various branches of the healthcare industry. We provide services to hospitals, primary care, medtech, pharma & life-sciences, governmental bodies and health insurance companies.

Meet the team

Digital health consultant
Anthony Duwijn

Balances on the cutting edge between healthcare & IT | Prefers a good technical challenge | Breaths digital data-exchange

Projectleider gezondheidszorg
Wim Vandendael

Expert in digital care solutions | Enthusiastic project manager | Established in change management

Projectleider, scrum master
Wouter Van Mol

Passionate about healthcare & management | Interested in big data, innovation & tech | communication is key



Join a close-knit team of professionals who are driven to create value for patients and healthcare organisations.



Healthonauts provides services for healthcare organisations and all other actors within the healthcare sector.
Wherever there’s a need for the deployment of digital healthcare solutions, we are ready to face the challenge!